Site License Policy

What Are Site Licenses?

Heavily discounted user pricing. Site licenses have all the features of a standard ImportYeti License.

Why Create Site Licenses?

We heard your feedback: “Why should all 10 of our salespeople pay the same when only half use ImportYeti heavily?” We created site licenses to fix that. Now, there's no need to share logins or limit usage to certain teams!

Who Is Eligible For a Site License?

In order to qualify for a site license discount, you need to purchase ImportYeti for all potential users within your organization.

Examples of Site License Eligibility

  • Small Companies & Sole Proprietors
    • “Hi, I'm Ron. I have my own Freight Forwarding company. Can I purchase a site license for one user even though it's just me?” Yes.
    • “Hi, I'm Jessica. My company is just me and my accounting/finance guy. Can I purchase a single-user site license?” Yes. Your accounting/finance guy does not use ImportYeti and thus you're still eligible.
  • Bigger Companies
    • “Hi, I'm Billy. I am director of sales for a ForEx company. We have 15 sales reps. Only about 10 of them use ImportYet frequently. The other five only use it a few times a month. Do I qualify for a site license?” Yes, but you need to purchase a 15 user site license. Good news! This 15-user site license is cheaper than a 10-user standard license.
    • “Hi, I'm Jeff. I am a director of sales for a large logistics services company. We have 50 salespeople in three offices. What Should I do? Please reach out to us directly. We have a quick, human-based sales process.

Examples of Site License Ineligibility

  • “Hi, I'm Michael. I'm the sales team lead for the Tampa, Florida office. The Tampa office has seven sales people including myself. We have 3 other offices with 21 sales reps across the company. Can I get a site license for the six sales reps and myself out of Tampa?” No. You would need to purchase a site-license for the 21 sales reps in total.
Here at ImportYeti, we're all about creating solutions that benefit everyone. If you have any questions or need more information about our site licenses, don't hesitate to reach out to us via email at [email protected]. We're more than happy to explore options that could be tailored to your specific needs.